Ranking the Bridgerton siblings from worst to best

8) Anthony Bridgerton – Anthony is a horrible control freak who sleeps around with women but thinks it scandalous for his sister to show her affection. He has a practical approach to life and even though I pity him for his misery after his father’s death; I don’t like him.

7) Daphne Bridgerton – I had a hard time deciding if Anthony or Daphne was the worse sibling. Although I love Daphne’s decision to punch Nigel for trying to rape her, that doesn’t excuse her from technically raping her husband.

6) Gregory and Hyacinth Bridgerton- Although these characters are playful and entertaining, they are children who the reader doesn’t see much. So therefore, I rank them at sixth place.

5) Benedict Bridgerton – I haven’t really read Benedict’s book yet, but he too seems as protective as Anthony is. However, he does seem friendly and I want to read more about him.

4) Francesca Bridgerton – Francesca is described to be almost identical to her older sister Eloise, but her kindness and sweetness set her apart.

2) Colin Bridgerton- Colin is a helpful brother who helped Daphne when she needed to stop the duel between Anthony and Simon.

1) Eloise Bridgerton- Eloise Bridgerton is a independent young woman who scorns at the idea of societal sexism. She also befriends the slighted Penelope Featherington which show a kind side to her.

Anti-Valentine books to read this season

If you are single, going through a breakup, missing your ex or just hate the gushy Valentine’s Day rituals, not to worry. I’ve got just the books for you.

1) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

If you want a book where a Valentine’s Day date goes bad, I’ll advise you to try this. Cho Chang’s and Harry Potter’s Valentine’s Day goes horribly and most Anti-Valentine celebrators find it hilarious.

Oh, and if you’re looking for another Harry Potter book for Anti-Valentine, try the ‘Chamber of Secrets,’ where Ginny’s singing Cupid embarrassed Harry on Valentine’s Day.

2) This Is How You Lose Her- This collection of short stories is for those who enjoy ill-fated love stories and is a must read for those who hate Valentine’s Day.

3) A Crankenstein Valentine- This kids book is a perfect read for those with a quirky sense of humour and a hatred for Valentine’s Day. This is great for both kids and adults.

4) Bad Behaviour – This book is rather an angsty book about love and sex gone sour. This is a perfect Valentine for the unromantic.

Graphic novels and their own uniqueness

I’ve only touched three types of comics growing up. There were the Asterix comics which used to make me laugh until I started liking wild boars. Then there were the TinTin comics which I thought were pretty good. And of course, there were the Achie comics which I could never stop reading.

Unlike a lot of my friends, I didn’t like Marvel or DC (I suck, I know) and I didn’t like anime either. Perhaps, it was because I was never the type to like action/adventure movies. No, I would rather watch ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘A Walk to Remember.’

The only time I was tempted to read a manga was when the Avalon High manga came out.

I scratched my head debating which if the two would win; my love for Meg Cabot or my aversion to anime (which by the way, I never read.) Unfortunately, I was informed that it was the manga was the same story that played out in the book, so I didn’t have to make that decision.

Yet, my mind could never be at ease knowing that there was a form of literature that I wasn’t fully aware of. Or worse, that I was prejudiced against.

I’ve made a resolution to move past my aversion and explore this medium. So, if you have any good recommendations for good comics/mangas, do comment them down below. I’ll check them out and share my experience reading them with you.

Book review: ‘The Duke and I’

As I finished the first Bridgerton book, I was left with a lot of thoughts. The dialogue was splendid, the family dynamics were amazingly done and the characters (other than Daphne Bridgerton) were incredible.

So, the book opens with a ‘Gossip Girl’ vibes as the Bridgerton family tries to figure out who the mysterious Lady Wistledown is. Sadly, that question is left unanswered as we leave the first book.

The relationship between Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton is sort of the tortured bad-boy meets good-girl cliché that seemed boring. Meanwhile, I thought the pretending to be lovers trope also seemed overdone. However, I do admire the way Simon and Daphne had to work their way around Daphne’s possessive brothers. This was new, unique and unlike anything I’ve ever read.

Despite all the clichés, the Regency drama was entertaining. The society Mamas had a sort of Mrs Bennett tone to it and I liked it.

Yet, Daphne Bridgerton is no Elizabeth Bennett. She tries to trick her husband into having kids, which is as horrible as a man punching holes into a condom. Why can’t she respect his decision not to have kids? And when Simon leaves, she’s treated as some sort of victim!

I’m sorry, but I can’t wait for her to leave the role as protagonist so I can hopefully get the nicer Eloise instead.

In fact, I was a bit disappointed when they didn’t bring out all the Bridgerton sibling’s personalities in this novel. They only gave us glimpses of Hyacinth, Collin, Benedict and Anthony, while wasting the spotlight on that despicable Daphne.

I also found it the fact that Daphne didn’t know what sex was, quite unrealistic. One might argue that regency era girls may have had no instruction on such matters but they would have had to know something! Both the Bennett sisters and the Dashwood sisters knew what sex was. And they were Regency era girls, weren’t they?

So, do I think that this book is worth reading? For the great drama, sense of mystery and steamy sex scenes, I say yes.

The most annoying fictional characters

So, I’ve been thinking about the Lady Featheringtons of fiction. The ones that we don’t hate, but who make us want to shut our ears.

So, I’ve made a list of the most irritating characters in fiction and let me tell you, a lot of them are Austen’s.

1) Mrs Bennett – Mrs Bennett is a gossip-spreading, noisy mother of five whose main goal is to chase after bachelors for her single daughters. She succeeded in annoying both Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy; the very men who she would have hoped to have as son-in-laws.

2) Colin Creevey –Colin and his brother, Dennis, annoyed Harry Potter all throughout his time in Hogwarts. However, Colin joined Dumbledore’s Army and lost his life at the battle of Hogwarts, making him an admirable young man.

3) Mrs Bates – I told you that this lost will be full of Austen’s characters. Mrs Bennett is a poor single woman who lacks the talent of shutting her mouth but throughout ‘Emma’ the reader does tend to sympathize with her.

4) Mr Collins – This is one of Austen’s characters who is both annoying and evil. Mr Collins is a staunch sexist who loves wealth, tradition and talking about Lady Catherine de Bough. He is full of self-importance and bad manners and the reader tires of him as much as Elizabeth does.

5) Dobby – Dobby is the one house elf we love but secretly wish would shut up. From his attempts to save Harry’s life to his odd Christmas presents, he may be classed as mildly annoying. But who cares, we love him anyway.

6) Anthony Bridgerton – This over-protective older brother gets on everyone’s nerves with his patriarchal attitudes. So screw him.

7) Mrs Jennings- Mrs Jennings is a rich widow who is pretty much obsessed with marriage. Although she is absolutely irritating, her kindness to Marianne Dashwood makes her lovable.

Is Eloise Bridgerton really trapped?

As I read Julia Quinn’s ‘The Duke and I,’ one thing really shocked me. Where was Eloise?

Eloise has always had my attention as an ambitious and bold feminist who strives to have a better future than her sister, Daphne.

Although, I am yet to finish the first book in the Bridgerton series, I am astonished that Eloise is merely said to be identical to her younger sister; Francesca.

Despite if this, Eloise’s personality is beginning to show. Her brother, Collin, calls her a wretch and refuses to escort her at a family trip.

In the Netflix series, Eloise is given the sort of Elizabeth Bennett storyline, minus the rich Mr Darcy waiting for her.

She is resourceful and clever and befriends the shy Penelope Featherington like Elizabeth befriends Georgina Darcy.

Julia Quinn also gives a more feminine side to Eloise as she gets excited about bridesmaid dresses for Daphne’s upcoming wedding. It’s sad that the Netflix series didn’t include this part.

Where we most feel sorry for Eloise is at Daphne’s marriage.

Eloise is next in birth order to Daphne and once Daphne is married off, Eloise will have to put her mother’s attempts to marry her off and her Anthony’s attempts to control her every move.

So how will she fly?

Penelope Bridgerton: stunner or stinker?

In our age of body-positivity, most people would still abhor the description ‘pudgy.’ And that is what Julia Quinn uses to describe Penelope Featherington.

Poor Penelope is said to be of little beauty and no talent. Yet, writing a gossip newspaper and marketing it certainly takes as much talent as playing the piano and painting.

And besides, I’m not convinced that Penelope is ugly by Regency standards.

Remember, how Lydia Bennett was described as a ‘stout, well-grown up girl’ while her sister Elizabeth was bullied for having a face that is too thin. Even Mr Darcy admits that her light figure was not of the fashionable world.

In ‘Pride and Prejudice’ it is Jane, who is not so in the habit of running, who holds the place of the beautiful sister. Her beauty is said to capture the attention of Mr Bingley and Mr Collins, while the ‘light’ Elizabeth is said to be ‘tolerable.’

So could regency beauty standards have favoured larger bodies?

In ‘Sense and Sensibility,’ Marianne Dashwood is said to have lost her beauty when she loses weight. And Anne De Bough, from ‘Pride and Prejudice’, was said to be thin and ‘sickly.’

Even Meg March, who is an American Civil War era character, is said to be attractive and ‘plump.’

So is Penelope the ugly duckling? Or is she a victim of a modern narrative of a regency romance?

In our own secret annexes

Who hasn’t had an argument that hasn’t started as a result of being quarantined? I often find myself gritting my teeth as my stepmom points out a household chore that I haven’t done.

Since I’ve been deprived of socializing and my exams, I’ve had to come up with a list of quarantine themed activities that worked for me.

1) Writing – Since my actual goal is to be an author, you might not be surprised that writing is on top. Not only will it improve your language but writing has also been found to be an effective way of combatting quarantine depression. It helped Anne Frank deal with her mother, Mr Pfeiffer and Mrs Van Pels.

Great fictional writers also include Jo March, Elena Gilbert and Mia Thermopolis.

2) Reading- I’ve been obsessing over the Harry Potter series and despite being hurt over J.K. Rowling’s views, I do believe in the love that the wizarding world symbolises. I hope it’s creator would learn to believe in it too.

I’ve also been reading Julia Quinn’s ‘Bridgerton’ series and let me tell you it’s addictive. Read this and your quarantine won’t be so boring.

Some of the best fictional readers include Eloise Bridgerton, Elizabeth Bennett and Marianne Dashwood.

3) Fan fiction – Who doesn’t love writing good Bridgerton fanfiction? I know I do. Like Trevor Noah, I can’t stop obsessing over Simon Basset and yeah Trevor, he makes anyone think about how our babies would look like.

Mia Thermopolis loves writing Star Wars or Star Trek (Idk) fan fiction.

4) Trying to study- Yet with Bridgerton around, could you blame me for being distracted? So goodbye law school resits. It was nice knowing you.

I am yet to find characters that loves studying. Oh, there’s Hermione Granger and Mary Bennett.

My top romantic reads for this Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day to exchange gifts and flowers and even declare passionate love for your partner. If you are the type of person who loves borrowing yourself in the best romance novels this Valentine’s, I’m sure this post is for you.

1) The Bridgerton Series – I’m currently reading ‘The Duke and I’ and I’m in love with it. The chemistry between Simon and Daphne is beautiful and if you are a fan of the Netflix series, I’ll definitely recommend this book to you.

2) Outlander – Like Bridgerton, this beautiful historical romantic is full of drama, action and passionate ardour.

3) A Walk to Remember – Despite being an older read, this piece of literature is a YA Romance with a Christian twist. It’s a poignant tale that will be enjoyed by those of all and no faiths.

4) Looking for Alaska – This has been my favourite John Green novel so far. It’s a tragic tale about love, death and feeling with loss.

5) The Great Gatsby – Unrequited love can be tough. And no, I don’t think Daisy loved Gatsby, so this is a story of unrequited love. Gatsby’s love and eventual death will surely play with your emotions this Valentine’s.

6) Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen’s classical novel has inspired many nobles and movies over time. It features an independent and witty heroine who will capture the hearts and minds of the readers.

Who is Lady Wistledon?

Unlike a lot of people, I haven’t watched the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton.’ The first reason being that I am a workaholic who is yet to get a Netflix account and the second is that I am stuck in the opening pages of ‘The Duke and I.’

Yet I, like all Bridgerton fans, are obsessed with who this woman is. And no, I’m not obsessed with her identity. I read that episode eight revealed Lady Wistledon to be none other than Penelope Featherington.

I’m curious as to know why Penelope was the one to hurt so many reputations. So today, I’m going to examine her character and determine why she was perfect ‘Lady Wistledon.’

Okay, so when we first meet Penelope she is Eloise Bridgerton’s shy friend. I personally love Eloise and therefore I was induced to like Penelope as well.

Her shy and friendly persona doesn’t really make her a suspect but as a longtime fan of ‘Harry Potter’, I know that characters can sometimes surprise you.

She also seems to be good friends with her cousin Marina, although appearances can be deceiving.

Penelope enjoys the attention that Marina’s suitors pay to her. Although the youngest daughter, she is no Lydia Bennett. Penelope’s withdrawn nature doesn’t spare her a single scrap of attention. Marina has her own suitors and even Eloise Bridgerton has her frustrations with her.

Penelope is also shown to have a strong desire to find a husband and the fact that it is girls like Marina and Daphne that find love, probably make her despise them.

So perhaps Lady Wistledon is Penelope’s way of being the popular girl who gets back at her enemies. But guess what Penelope? We still don’t like you.

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